EuropeActive is a leading organization representing the European Health and Fitness industry, headquartered in Brussels. EuropeActive has an important role in the sector by collaborating with the European Union and other international organizations in order to add value to the sector and to provide professional definition.

EuropeActive Standarts

The EuropeActive Standards were developed by the Professional Standards Committee, an independent standard-setting body, after extensive consultation with over 200 experts and volunteers over the past 18 years. It determines the professional roles in these standards and the scope and basic skills of these roles.


EREPS is Europe’s largest Register of Exercise Professionals. As fitness professionals working across Europe, they represent the best in the fitness and physical activity industry. Being part of EREPS allows you to demonstrate your qualifications, experience and achievements against the internationally recognized EuropeActive Standards for various roles in our industry.


Turkish Register of Exercise Professionals (TREPS) is an independent system that covers all trainers, trainers and trainers working in the exercise and fitness sector throughout Turkey and was created to register these people in the European Qualifications Framework.
It is a Pan-European System based on a central European database. Registering with this system means that you have met the minimum standards of good practice as a professional exercise professional.


The EREPS Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) is designed to support its members who want to advance and develop in sectors of professional practice. A commitment to lifelong learning or continuing professional development can be viewed as having a variety of purposes.
These purposes are:
Keeping up to date to ensure safe application
Develop and expand knowledge and skills
It consists of performing professional and technical duties.

EREPS members can attend formal training courses, workshops, participate in online learning, attend industry events or conferences, or read relevant books, journals and articles. Lifelong learning encompasses all these learning inputs.