Fitness Trainer, referenced as Level 3 by the European Vocational Qualifications Authority, is designed for those who want to continue their career in the health and fitness sector.

It means that as a fitness trainer, you fulfill the minimum prescribed practices and standards. The duties and responsibilities of the fitness trainer are detailed in the European Standards.

As FMI, we provide you with the Fitness Instructor certificate program and support you to integrate science into practice by directing your career together.

Planned Calendar : August 1, 2021 / ATHENS

This course is at the pre-request stage.

For registration and information:

You can send an e-mail to


1000 EURO (Tax Included)

Course Content

Practice and Theory

48 Hours of Formal Training

120 Hours of Reading/Research

EQF L3 Fitness Instructor Certificate

Program Content

  • CHAPTER 1: Human Movement

  • CHAPTER 2: Exercise Physiology

  • CHAPTER 3: Lifestyle Management

  • CHAPTER 4: Health and Safety

  • CHAPTER 5: Communication

  • CHAPTER 6: Individual Instruction

Conditions of Participation

  • To be at least 18 years old
  • To be at least a high school graduate